Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chimera Project Idea Blog 1

The idea that I want to put in place for my chimera photomontage project is a parody of famous animation icons such as Dragon Ball Z, which has been presented in the image below. The image shows various transformations but instead of the usual characters, cats are being used. The reason I used Cats is because of their temper which at first is calm but when angered they can suffer a furious transformation.

Monday, January 22, 2018


My ideas for the photomontage poster would be centered into a comedic focus on each of the individual pieces. It will be challenging due to my lack of experience with photoshop, but overall it will serve as good practice. The comedic aspect of the project puts an emphasis on our traditions as well as how it actually connects with them.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Media And Old Media

Samuel Arbelaez
Intro To Digital Media
January 16 2018

                                               New Media and Traditional Media
            The world of the media has evolved from simple pictures and films into a more improved art, which has expanded into other realms of the technological realm and developed even further then. Although we do see media change, it is not without the inclusion of the traditional media by preserving it and trying to incorporate it to the new methods and types of technologies that render the old methods themselves useless and obsolete.
            Media gave a focus originally as photographs and developed technologically into other realms such as television and computers. The transformation itself does pave new approach to media in a more modern and advanced method that keeps it up to speed with the world and allows it to expand everywhere. This does make older methods become obsolete, such as old photographic methods versus digital cameras. Although they change the methods almost to a point that they are useless that does not mean that these traditional methods disappear, in fact some of these of old methods are used into the modern techniques. An example would be the use of 3-D printing, which in itself we see the use of modern technology, but we also see the method of sculpture being used in this when it comes to making the figures themselves.
            This transformation does show that the new media and the old have drifted apart, including the fact that the more technology advances, so will the new media. The drift does hurt the old media, but it does not necessarily mean that it is gone we do see that as technology keeps expanding so does the desire to preserve the old things, such as old techniques and media. Nowadays we see that many photos from the early days of the camera are available, sure not in their original physical photo, but digitalized and preserved so that people can see and be able to explore this method, even if the technique that was used to make it is outdated and replaced. This does help prove that even though the techniques are outdated, they are still available and still there, just not as common as before.
            The fact that media, both new and old, are still available is an example of how techniques evolve and require their existence to further the development and exploration of the other. The evolution of sculpting into 3-D printing does not mean sculpting has become obsolete, rather it has opened up a new path in that realm, but more inclined towards the more technological side of the spectrum.

            Media presents an evolution that may represent the idea of bringing in the new and let go of the old and that might be true, but at the same time it shows that it brings back the relevance or the idea to keep some of the old techniques alive in order to keep evolving the new media that have shaped the modern eras artistic approach.